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Lohmann and Jodl

A winning team in the field of flexographic printing

For over 45 years, Messrs. Jodl from Lenzing, Austria, has been a manufacturer of flexible food packaging, for instance for confectionary, coffee, tea, herbs, spices and bread and pastry products. The wide range of products includes, among others, automatic packaging films, cross bottom bags, stand-up pouches or the self-developed diamond bag.


Founded already in 1851, Lohmann is a pioneer in the field of adhesive tape technology and is today a globally operating enterprise. The headquarters of the adhesive tape group is located in Neuwied/Germany. The company employs more than 1,600 people worldwide and is active in 29 international locations and with exclusive sales partners in more than 50 countries around the world.


For many years now, the two companies have been working closely together. PR & Communication Manager Jennifer Virtue-Just spoke with Martin Schiemer, Flexographic and Gravure Printing Manager at Jodl about this common path and the future of flexographic printing.



Mr. Schiemer, What are in your opinion the biggest challenges in flexographic printing?


We want to offer our customers the highest quality at a fair price. It is therefore indispensable to have and to be able to rely on innovative partners as suppliers, because standstill is tantamount to regression.



Why did you choose the DuploFLEX-plate mounting tapes from Lohmann?


At the beginning, and today during the ongoing evaluation process, we still have very extensive and complex tests for evaluating the adhesive tapes. Because of the technical and commercial results, we ultimately decided on Lohmann.



You have been working together with Lohmann since 2003. What do you particularly value about working with the supplier of technical adhesive tapes?


The very few complaints, respectively claims. For us, it is particularly important that an agreed quality is adhered to and on this point there are no problems with Lohmann’s adhesives.



You have received numerous prestigious awards, most recently several DFTA Awards. Would you say that Lohmann has also played a certain role in this success?


Flexographic printing has many variables and the printing plate, as well as the adhesive tapes are very important components. A product that continuously meets the specifications is very important in this case. Lohmann adhesive tapes always meet these demands and thus contribute to our success.



How do you foresee the future of flexographic printing in your sector?


I still see flexographic printing as a printing process for the future in flexible packaging. The lot sizes will be further reduced, product diversity is increasing and the print quality that can be achieved is still improving. In contrast to other printing methods, the end of the road has not yet been reached.



How do you envisage the further collaboration with Lohmann?


The goal for Lohmann should be from my point of view, the further development of new products, so that we can meet the quality requirements of tomorrow. Of course, a market-compliant price structure is an important component.



Thank you for the interesting conversation and we look forward to a continued good cooperation.


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